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2 3 1 Motion Offense

Advanced Wall Ball - For when you are ready!
Coach Dalton says: Let me know when one of you ever completes this workout...then I feel like putting up these video's is time well spent...This dude is a box player from Canada...see if you can do some of it lefty and righty
Coach pass drill & home with 3 players

Cradle Drills

side ladder clear drill

split to a roll dodge drill

throwing and catching

Wall Ball

Young Laxers - Parent Advice
Flip Naumberg who wrote this article is a famous college coach who won many national club championships for Colorado State as well as founder of the Vail Lax Tourney and founder of Rocket Pocket Lax Sticks (custom made Lax Sticks). He is talking about the value of teaching good fundamentals to little kids and having fun playing as more important than just having competitive games that have adults taking away form basic skill building and fun lax games to learn skills. This is also the basis for our U9 prog